Combat and Operational Behavioral Health

The Borden Institute, a component of the U.S. Army’s Office of the Surgeon General, has allowed the American Ukrainian Medical Foundation (AUMF) to translate their medical textbook, Combat and Operational Behavioral Health (2011).

This comprehensive publication covers all aspects of behavioral health in the military population, including traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress syndrome, combat and operational stress control, training for resiliency and other preventive measures, pain management, grief, family dynamics, rehabilitation and occupational therapy, medications, suicide prevention, forensic psychiatry, detainee care, substance abuse, eating disorders, ethics, and the roles of military behavioral health providers and chaplains, as well as the military`s evolving behavioral health policy and practices.

In the last 20 years enormous changes and advancements in classification, diagnosis, and treatment of combat stress have occurred. The pace of change has accelerated with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the early years of the operations in Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003), changes in operational tempo and resulting extended deployments were extremely taxing for military families.

This new textbook is an excellent resource for all healthcare professionals as they strive to provide the finest quality and most compassionate care of the men and women in uniform and their spouses, significant others, and children. Every person who is in contact with a military member struggling to cope with the emotional trauma of war, disease, or injury needs our support and best efforts. We expect this book to be of enormous benefit not only to psychiatrists and psychologists alike, but to help set policies and guidelines in the field of behavioral health and to the families serving as mental health care providers. It stresses the importance of an efficient transition of care for soldiers from active duty to civilian life with emphasis on education and rehabilitation in the recovery from PTSD. Combat and Operational Behavioral Health (2011) Ukrainian Edition is being prepared by publishing house Nash Format and will be distributed free of charge to physicians, psychologists and therapists alike. In addition free downloading capabilities will be available, both in the original English Edition as well as the Ukrainian Edition, on our website.

Combat and Operational Behavioral Health
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